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Between Worlds: Culture, Biographies, Spectacle

National Portrait Gallery, London

10 -11 May 2007

A one and a half-day interdisciplinary conference organised to accompany the exhibition Between Worlds: Voyagers to Britain 1700-1850 which opened at the National Portrait Gallery on 7 March 2007.  Drawing on some of the individuals and ideas in the exhibition, the conference aims to consider issues related to cultural exchange and entanglement, relationships forged across cultural boundaries, and different forms of portraiture and biography. It is divided into three sections:

Exhibitions and Spectacle – this will consider some of the ways in which different cultures have been presented and put on show, ranging from the “performance of gentility” enacted for a social elite in the 18th century to the public exhibition of individuals, societies and artefacts in the mid and later 19th century.

Multicultural London – this will explore aspects of the mutlicultural history of London and Londoners’ and visitors’ experiences of cultural diversity pre-1900. It will provide a context in which to consider both the individuals represented in the exhibition and the general idea of cultural exchange.

Transnational Biography – this will critique ways in which narratives about individuals from different cultures and about subjugated lives have been developed and retold in visual and textual discourses. It will also explore alternative biographies that can forefront authentic experiences and views. See more information about the conference programme here.  


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Exile and Narrative/Poetic Imagination

Contributions are solicited for inclusion in a book on Exile and Narrative/Poetic Imagination. Papers may examine texts by any exiled writer from any country, dealing with the literary representation of exile. Possible topics may include, but are not limited to: women and exile; creativity and exile; personal/cultural memory; remembering, longing, and forgetting; language and identity; (re)contruction of identity.
Submissions and Inquiries: Dr. Agnieszka Gutthy –
Send a 15-20 page paper along with a copy of your CV
Essays should be documented in MLA style and should be in Word format, 12 point typeface, Times New Roman
Deadline for submission:  October 31, 2007 

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Refugee Voices Newsletter

by Veysel Essiz 

Prepared within Helsinki Citizens Assembly’s (hCa) Refugee Advocacy and Support Program, the first issue of “Refugee Voices” newsletter that aims at raising awareness about the situation of refugees living in Turkey is published. The newsletter includes photographs and articles from refugees in Turkey, and is available in English and Turkish.”Refugee Voices” is designed as a tool for enabling the refugees to share their stories and personal reflections, and to make their voices heard. In the first issue of the newsletter, you can find contributions of refugees from Iran, Somali and Iraq.

The newsletter will be distributed to civil society organizations and initiatives working with refugees, as well as relevant public/administrative bodies. You can download the pdf version of the newsletter from the link below.

For Further Information on Helsinki Citizens Assembly and its Refugee Advocacy and Support Program, you can visit our website at

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Refugees Into Teaching Conference

The Refugees into Teaching project is happy to announce its upcoming Summer Conference on 22 June 2007:

Coming full circle: re-training and re-employing refugee teachers

22 June 2007 (09:30-16:30), The Living Room, City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, London SE1 2AA.

This free conference aims to encourage dialogue between those responsible for selection and recruitment decisions and refugees seeking to become fully qualified teachers. It will explore issues surrounding diversity in the school workforce and include workshops exploring issues around employment and assessment of qualifications. To reserve a place, and for programme details, please contact or call 020 7346 1166.

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Voices from Abroad: The Spanish Caribbean Author as Traveler, Exile, (Im)Migrant

Call for Submissions
Edited Collection

We are looking for essays for an edited collection that examines the
experiences and contributions of Spanish Caribbean writers who have left
their hometowns and native lands to live, write, and/or work abroad.  We
invite book chapters (of approximately 20 pages) that THEORIZE about the
role or place of (1) travel, (2) exile, and/or (3) (im)migration in the
development of Spanish Caribbean authors and of a Spanish Caribbean
literary or cultural identity from the colonial period to the present. Continue reading

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Migrant Cinema

by Daniela Berghahn and Claudia Sternberg 

At our recent conference The Industrial Context of Migrant and Diasporic Cinema in Contemporary Europe internationally acclaimed filmmakers, producers and other leading media practitioners discussed their views on what it means to make, produce and distribute films made by diasporic filmmakers in Europe. You now have the opportunity to listen to six podcasts (each approx. 45 mins) by filmmakers John Akomfrah and Abdelkrim Bahloul; producer and diversity consultant Parminder Vir, OBE; Eve Gabereau (Soda Pictures UK); Ralph Schwingel (Wuste Film Production); Gareth Jones (Scenario Films) and Thierry Lenouvel (Amiens Film Festival). 

Listen to the experts and you will make some remarkable discoveries! What are the challenges encountered by diasporic filmmakers in France and the UK? Why does the transcultural status of diasporic cinema often make it particularly difficult for these films to be entered at international film festivals? What particular funding initiatives are available across Europe to support the filmmaking of ethnic minority filmmakers? Who are the audiences of Turkish-German cinema, and why is it necessary to develop different distribution strategies for a film like Head-On in countries like France and Britain?

We are looking forward to your comments and a lively discussion on our project website: 

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Refugee Rights and Responsibilities

From Nicholas Van Hear, a new commentary on refugee rights and responsibilities:

The third in the series of online consultations focuses on complex refugee responsibilities. While understanding that particular social and cultural contexts impact on different refugees’ responsibilities, it can be argued that forced migrants are faced with a more complex set of responsibilities than others. Transnational links, through diaspora, political involvement and funding, remittances and family ties, mean that the interests of refugees are torn in several directions.

To see more, check out the site at ICAR, the Information Centre about Asylum and Refugees.

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