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a new blog on migration, past and present, in all its forms – refugee, diaspora, exile, return, temporary, labour, tourist – and related issues of identity and community organisation

Our mission: to provide a moderated forum for sharing ideas, impressions, commentaries, reactions, and announcements from scholars alongside community voices. Submissions to Inter-sections might include text, sound, images or video and can be any length from one paragraph to a working paper (suggested length: 1000-1500 words). The site is intended not as a peer-reviewed journal, but as a community resource and space for dialogue.

For our inaugural edition, we are inviting Submissions that offer reflections on and reactions to Recent Public Events on migration. Subjects might include:


– ‘Belonging: Voices of London’s Refugees‘, exhibition at the Museum of London, 26 October 2006 – 25 February 2007
– ‘Diaspora, Migration and Identities‘ postgraduate conference in Leeds, 13-14 December 2006

– Exhibitions about the slave trade and its abolition (eg. Slave Britain Exhibition at St Paul’s Cathedral, ‘Uncomfortable Truths‘ at the V&A, Re-opening of the Wilberforce House Museum in Hull)

– ‘Neo-colonial Mentalities in Contemporary Europe? Language and Discourse in the Construction of Identities’ conference, 23-24 February 2007, University of London

– Refugee Council conference on the future of asylum in the UK, 7 March 2007

– ‘Identity Formation‘, postgraduate conference, 4 April 2007, School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures, University of Manchester

– Symposium on Refugee Narratives, 20 April 2007

– Rights and Resistance Conference

Organised by Scotland Against Criminalising Communities
Saturday 21 April 2007

Please send all work to no later than Friday 4 May 2007.
If you are submitting larger media files, please compress as much as possible or provide a link for viewing.


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5 responses to “Call for submissions

  1. Dr. Eugen Dabbous

    Introducing LERC!

    Please check out our website and our NEW EuroMed funded study on forced migration from Lebanon after the Summer 2006 War with Israel. or

  2. Eugenia

    Great effort – unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to go to any of these events, otherwise I would write something. In the meantime, would any of you be interested in writing something about your experiences with this blog (or any other blog for that matter!) for this forthcoming workshop?
    We are interested in the ways in which the media (old or new) are implicated in the experience of migration, and would welcome any work that seeks to address this.

  3. Hi Intersections!

    may i wish you all the best from ! I’ve put up a link

    your site looks lovely & hopefully will develop into an interesting discussion space and a useful resource for the sector – good luck to Eleni, Kathryn, Sanaz & Lauren!

  4. intersections

    Our call for submissions isn’t limited to these events – if there’s something else you want to write about, send it in!

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