ECREA Diaspora, Migration and the Media, European Workshop

Mediations of Cultural Difference: Debating Media and Diversity

7 and 8 September 2007
University of Leeds

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:

Marie Gillespie, Open University
Charles Husband, Bradford University
Kim Knott, Leeds University; Director of AHRC ‘Diasporas, Migration andIdentities’ programme

The necessity to have an ongoing debate on the ‘political imaginary of heterogeneity’ (Werbner, 2002: 276) is revealed in the face-to-face encounters in the streets of today’s metropoles, the mediated urban, national and transnational encounters within and beyond European cultural scapes, as well as in the mediated political actions and reactions around diversity and its implications. It is this articulation of the debate around cultural difference, communication, and the media that is the prime focus of this workshop. How might we view the media role in this discussion? And what about other forms of communicative practices that may feed into the debate? Who participates in the debate and what form does this participation take? Do the (new) media lead in new forms of identities, subjectivities and solidarities? Conversely, do they lead to new forms of exclusion and conformism, and to new fundamentalisms?

Call for Papers

In this spirit we call for papers that both participate in, and reflect upon the wider conduct of this debate. We invite submissions that engage with, but are not restricted to, the following themes:
* Cosmopolitanism, transnationalism and diasporas: thinking about the edges of the nation-state.

* Diaspora and cultural domesticity: sustaining traditions? The conservative aspects of cultural diversity

* Diasporas and alternative media: producing political ‘meaning’/ethics?

* The city and the urban politics of representation

* Cultural diversity and marginalized voices: politics of media representation and ethics

* Multicultural backlash: opposition to multiculturalism and the role of the media

* Bottom-up multiculturalism: everyday (multi)cultural encounters

* New media and multiculturalism: what does the internet add?

* Diaspora and digital narratives: loss, gain, negotiations, and interpretations

* Blogosphere and diasporas: a new public sphere?

* Media consumption: what can we learn from ethnic and diasporic media use?

* New theoretical interrogations on media, multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism, diaspora.

Abstracts should be sent to: by May 1, 2007.

Fees: £50.00 (Full-time staff and professionals)
£30.00 (Students)

More information will be published as it becomes
available at:

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