A couple more Reasons and …Questions for Being: Editor Eleni Liarou

So, why Inter-sections? What can this blog contribute to the debates on migration and to the ever-expanding internet-scape? These are some of the questions we have been asking ourselves in an attempt to fill in what Lauren has described as a ‘black hole’. The reasons for being may be already obvious: to bridge the gap between the academia and a wider public interested in issues of migration (including community-based organizations, cultural and media industries and campaigning bodies), to provide a forum for researchers to exchange ideas, discuss research questions and results, and to interact with other relevant blogs or e-forums by way of ‘feeding’ into each others’ work and targets. While I believe that these reasons are significant, at the same time more questions spring to mind. Linking up with Eugenia‘s comment and the themes of the forthcoming ECREA Diaspora, Migration and the Media, European Workshop  I wonder: who participates in this debate and who may be excluded? what is the role of blogs in mediating actions and reactions around diversity? The blogosphere may be influential in opening up and enriching this debate. I actually see blogrolls as an example of ‘multiple mediations of cultural difference’ and an increasingly powerful tool for all kinds of internet users. Again, the question is: to what extent can these multiple mediations ultimately produce direct actions and reactions. I realize that the blogosphere and its quite sophisticated bloglossary may exclude and, already excludes, individuals and groups who are not accustomed to them, or simply do not have access to the internet. You might say that I’m asking too much; blogs are blogs and all media have their limitations. In my view, this is the challenge: to try and overcome some of these limitations. But how?  



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4 responses to “A couple more Reasons and …Questions for Being: Editor Eleni Liarou

  1. Iraj

    Dear Eleni
    I’ve just read your comment. It seems to me that what you propose is general and broad. This could be better if the forum concentrates each time on a specific area.

  2. intersections

    hi Iraj
    thanks for your comment.
    maybe you’d like to contribute something to our current CFP which is a bit more specific??


  3. Eugenia

    Thanks for your thoughtful post Eleni, it is striking how blogs have intrigued both theoretical and popular inmaginations… I understand and share your urge to see things changing ‘out there’ and action taking place, but when it comes to blogs, perhaps we might need to invert the question: Could it be that rather than changing the world out there, they may be changing us, the bloggers and comment posters, in subtle yet definite ways, in ways that allow us to become more able to define ourselves as (political) subjects, that we get to know what we are about, what is important, and where we stand on certain matters, and, moreover, to do so in a manner that allows others to tell us how wrong we may be…It may be that this is particularly helpful to those subjectivities that have so far been excluded from the mainstream political domain, or have been stereotypically defined by others, e.g. the mass media, hence making blogs particularly relevant for cultural difference. On the other hand, issues of multiple digital divides remain, pointing to the material dimensions that remain as pressing as ever…

  4. intersections


    Many thanks for your insightful comment. I strongly agree with your point about, what you call, ‘those subjectivities’ that have been silenced or excluded from the mainstream political (and often cultural) domain. Very briefly, I ‘d say that the debate is not about changing the world ‘out there’, but making connections and…intersections!
    I’ll try and attend the ECREA workshop in September and maybe I’ll see you there..


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