Europe: Development through Migration and Integration at UNESCO Paris

10 May 2007, UNESCO Paris
About 185-192 million of men and women are “on the move”, searching for a better life far away from their home countries. These enormous migration flows present a challenge to politics and society. How can this challenge be best addressed? This is a crucial topic for Europe today and will be the decisive one for its future.

UNESCO in cooperation with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and the Goethe-Institute Paris will discuss this issue during a Conference entitled « Europe: Development through Migration and Integration » organized on May 10th at UNESCO’s Headquarters.

The conference will put the global geopolitical situation into perspective and will also discuss political, sociological and demographic aspects of migration. Findings from empirical research in Paris and Berlin will be presented and the gender dimensions of international migration will be highlighted to make the “invisible half” of migrants – women who for a long time were not being considered by research on migration – visible. Experts from scientific, political and cultural background, both from the north and the south, will participate in the conference.

See the detailed programme and list of speakers
Registration is compulsory.

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