One of the Reasons for Being: Editor Lauren Wagner

The idea for this blog trickled in little by little. We four editors met at a conference in Leeds last December, along with a group of other postgrads interested in migration. One of the goals of this conference was to expand our methodological perspectives; we attended group seminars on the use of visual artifacts in social sciences, we listened to the experiences of fellow students who had tried other methods, we endeavored to absorb what we could and figure out how it might apply to our own projects.

To me, this question of ‘other methods’ has been a persistent one, from the beginning of my academic career. I am not a writing person, I am a Film Person. I prefer demonstrating what I’m talking about through editing images, not words.  I firmly believe that a message can reach more people, and get across more effectively and more memorably, if you take it out of the written form.  When looking for ways to communicate my ideas, especially so that they reach someone other than the same circuitous academic public, I come up to a black hole.

Hence: Inter-sections.  My biggest hope for this blog is that we will see as many visual/video/audio submissions as written ones.  I’d like to believe there are others out there who have an itch to see things off paper and on-screen, even if it’s a small one.  As we gain increasingly easy access to more kinds of technology, and what’s more the means of sharing ideas through technology, what can we do but try to take advantage?

Looking forward to your submissions,


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