Migrant Cinema

by Daniela Berghahn and Claudia Sternberg 

At our recent conference The Industrial Context of Migrant and Diasporic Cinema in Contemporary Europe internationally acclaimed filmmakers, producers and other leading media practitioners discussed their views on what it means to make, produce and distribute films made by diasporic filmmakers in Europe. You now have the opportunity to listen to six podcasts (each approx. 45 mins) by filmmakers John Akomfrah and Abdelkrim Bahloul; producer and diversity consultant Parminder Vir, OBE; Eve Gabereau (Soda Pictures UK); Ralph Schwingel (Wuste Film Production); Gareth Jones (Scenario Films) and Thierry Lenouvel (Amiens Film Festival). 

Listen to the experts and you will make some remarkable discoveries! What are the challenges encountered by diasporic filmmakers in France and the UK? Why does the transcultural status of diasporic cinema often make it particularly difficult for these films to be entered at international film festivals? What particular funding initiatives are available across Europe to support the filmmaking of ethnic minority filmmakers? Who are the audiences of Turkish-German cinema, and why is it necessary to develop different distribution strategies for a film like Head-On in countries like France and Britain?

We are looking forward to your comments and a lively discussion on our project website: www.migrantcinema.net 

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