Urgent lobbying and sleepouts

by Living Ghosts  

1. Contact your MP now to take part in the Borders Bill debate on 9 May
Many of you have already contacted your member of parliament asking them to support a simple amendment that would end the destitution of people refused asylum. On Wednesday next week the House of Commons will be debating the Bill again and the proposed amendment to Clause 17 will definitely be discussed. We need your help to make sure there are as many MP’s present to speak in support. Please contact your MP now to make sure they are there. You can easily contact your MP through our special Voice Your Views website . It only takes a few steps to prepare the text and even finds out who your MP is. There has been lots of lobbying already which has come to the Government’s attention. Congratulations, but please do email or phone them in the next week. And please, please do let us know what your MP’s opinion is. If you haven’t contacted your MP about this before please take the chance now. The amendment ensures that people refused asylum have access to support while they are in the UK and will therefore no longer be destitute. It is supported by CAP and other organisations supporting the Still Human Still Here campaign. Those involved share the common belief that the Governments deliberate policy of enforced destitution is unjust and ineffective.

2. Sleepouts 22 June 
CAP have linked up with Amnesty International UK and the Refugee Council to help organise sleepouts across Britain at the end of June. These simple and vivid events are an excellent way of raising awareness locally and targeting the local media and politicians. From now  we are looking for people to organise Sleepouts across Britain. On our special webpage we have all the advice you will need to have an effective, safe and fun sleepout. Please have a look at the concise (but comprehensive) briefing to help you consider having a sleepout in your area. In due course we circulate detailed information about all the events planned across the country. But don’t wait untill then – organise one yourself! Your Sleepout doesn’t have to be a big affair – lots of small ones will have a big impact. Lots more information available at www.church-poverty.org.uk/sleepout

3. Petition the Prime Minister
Please take a few minutes to sign the petition on the No. 10 website in support of our Living Ghosts campaign. It calls for the “principle of `work for those who can, support for those who can’t’ should extend to everyone in the
UK, including people seeking asylum”. A fair request we think, and believe.  


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