Transnational Geographies in Modernist Film

Call for papers

Modernist Studies Association conference (Long Beach, CA, Nov 1-4, 2007)

This panel aims to address the connection between film, form and/or genre, and
the politics of place as it reflects racial, cultural and/or national identity
construction.  Of particular interest is the way that modernist films produce
or enact transregional connections across space, connections that can produce a
kind of geopolitical solidarity across marginalized populations but that can
also consolidate or enable domination.  In exploring these hidden or missing
geographies of modernism, papers might address the following:  translation and
adaptation (linguistic, generic, or spatial transpositions of plot), ontologies
of place, the spatialization of contact zones, spatial relations and
temporality, editing and sound, the (dis)locations of particular auteur
traditions, architecture and mis-en-scene, genre and mobility, etc.

Email short abstracts (250 words) of papers and brief CV to Rebecca Walsh,, by May 13.

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