Nations Without States in the Global Age

June 28-29, 2007, The Octagon, Queen Mary, University of London.
The Department of Politics, Queen Mary University of London and the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism are holding the Conference entitled ‘Nations without States in the Global Age’, Thursday and Friday, June 28-29, 2007 at Queen Mary, University of London.
Nations without States –where there is a strong sense of national identity, in spite of having their territories included within the boundaries of one or more states with which by and large they do not identify with- are common. They have a new importance today, when established nation-states are changing their nature in response to globalization processes. This conference explores Western substate nationalism by drawing on a wide range of case studies which include Catalonia, Scotland, the Basque Country, Northern Ireland and Quebec, among others.
Drawing on a comparative framework, the conference combines both theoretical and empirical approaches. In so doing, it examines nationalist movements in nations without states, various alternative political frameworks to accommodate national diversity within multinational states, national identity and cosmopolitanism, the role of the media in the construction of the nation as well as the significance of culture and history.
The conference will include keynote addresses from leading scholars in various disciplines and panel presentations on any aspects of nations without states. 

Call for papers:
Please send a 200-word abstract and full affiliation
details to

Deadline for submission of abstracts is 1st June 2007.
In order to present a paper, you are required to register for the conference.

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