‘Inter-sections’ Theme for May: Food and Migrating Cultures

Deadline for your essays, ideas, visuals and comments on ‘Inter-sections’: 

6 June 2007 


Each month, ‘Inter-sections’ issues a new Call for Submissions focussed on a theme chosen by the editors. The theme for May is: Food and Migrating Cultures.


Through nutrition and food we form and express ways of thinking about health and the body. Food preparation and consumption are important social events and the way we cook, eat and talk food says a lot about how we place ourselves in the world and how we relate to others. Migrants bring their food to a new place, adapt it, fuse it, re-invent it and rename it. Migration thus impacts on eating habits and can completely change food preferences and lifestyle choices.


This month’s topic is inspired by the LIFT Eat London event that was held recently – on the 28th of April, 2007 –  in Trafalgar Square, bringing food artists who collaborated with communities from east and south-east London to create one of fifteen edible sections of a map of London.  This project’s mission statement was to “reflect the many diverse cultures, histories and origins that give the capital its identity”. Coming from this angle, we are hungry, craving your comments about diverse food experience in relation to culture, migration, and identity!


We would like to see your pictures, articles, interviews, films, thoughts, impressions on food. We are interested in your personal experiences as well as the results of your research or work practice. Themes might include: food and its cultural value, the food industries, representation of the ‘cultural other’ through food (visual arts, film, television, satire, comedy), food as ritual/performance, food and health/survival, food and sexuality, food language/terminology, ‘food ethnocentricism’ and anything else that relates to food as a cultural phenomenon in relation to migration. Do you have any personal memories about food that you want us to know? Do you have your own cross-over/fusion recipes? Send us these as well, perhaps accompanied by a yummy picture!


Send us your contributions at intersectionsblog@gmail.com (max 1,500 words) no later than 6 June 2007. After that, we will be starting a new theme for June, look for our next announcement.


Conference calls, comments to existing posts and links to related websites/blogs are published as we go along.


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