Once a week: Sadza and muriwo

 by Nick James

Once a week we have Sadza and muriwo.
We are not Zimbabwean; more English and Welsh.
Sadza is a maize-meal (polenta-like) dish and muriwo is any relish to accompany it. we have greens (cabbage) cooked with onions and tomato with a little peanut added at the end (like a Satay).
All the children eat this and we talk about Africa. While in Africa our favorite meal that we cannot eat now was potatoes and tomato, simple as that.
People laughed at us lots for eating Sadza. In one hospital canteen the staff cringed when they saw me. They whispered in Shona that they didn’t have any rice. I said I loved Sadza so the whole room stared at me! Food security, food culture and preparation are all very important in Africa. The assumption that people merely eat to live is false. English people often place a qualitative burden on eating. They don’t seem to enjoy it except in the greedy sense. Sorry to generalise; I know that there’s lots of Observer colour suppliments trying to show otherwise.

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