Migration Matters in Europe and the Americas

6th MESEA Conference

June 25–28,  2008, Leiden University, The Netherlands
Call for Papers
The Society for Multi-Ethnic Studies: Europe and the America


Largely driven by economics,  migration today is a global and globalizing phenomenon that renders , national borders obsolete and calls into question the viability of nation states and national identities. Yet , precisely because it undermines national structures,  migration also has contributed to the reinvention of, the historically highly problematic concept of “homelands” and the reconstruction of increasingly , impenetrable borders. It is, moreover,  in local situations and contexts that the impact of global migration is , experienced,  debated,  and contested most directly and urgently. This conference,  then,  aims to focus on , the ways in which migration matters locally as well as transnationally and globally,  in the realms of , politics and culture,  history and sociology,  economics and law,  language,  literature and the arts in Europe , and the Americas. The following list of topics is meant to  be suggestive rather than restrictive:

Migration and the reinvention of (national and transnational, real and imaginary) “homelands” and/or , the reconstruction of  (external and internal, national, ethnic and racial, cultural and  mental, political and economic) borders
Global migrations and fluid geographies in terms of physical mappings and shifting , populations
Migration and national/ethnic/cultural/aesthetic border crossings
Migration and modernization
Immigration debates in various national contexts
Images of the host countries in , countries/continents of migratory origin
Immigration restrictions and human rights; legal and extra-legal status of immigrants
Circulation and impact of migrant peoples and cultures in specific rural and , urban spaces; cultural diversity in local societies
New immigrant literatures as world and/or national , literature;  representation in and impact on regional cultures,  literatures, media,  and arts
Macrosociological analyses of migration and globalization processes; rethinking the sociology of literature ,
Cultural production (literature, film, visual art, performance, music, blog-culture, web-art) by or about , migrants
Migration and the reinvention of religious identities
Emerging identities/identity , fashioning; ethnic refashioning: conflict and/or reconciliation
Historical case studies of migrancy and , diaspora; evolving diaspora cultures
Migration and gender
Migration and race/racialization
Forced migration and historical/contemporary slavery or bonded labor
Migration and linguistic , diversity
Immigration and educational reformation(s)

Please submit three hard copies of a 300-word abstract (including a maximum of five keywords) or full , panel proposals (including a description of the panel, chair, respondents, and individual  abstracts) as well , as an electronic copy to MESEA’s Program Director,  Yiorgos Kalogeras,  Department of English,  Aristotle , University,  54124 Thessaloniki,  Greece by November 15,  2007:  (kalogera@enl.auth.gr).
Inter/transnational and inter/transdisciplinary proposals and panels will be given preference.

Note that MESEA will award two Young Scholars Excellence Awards.
For more information: http://www.mesea.org 


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