Terrorism and Migration

A Two-Day Interdisciplinary Conference at the School of Humanities,
University of Southampton, UK.
Saturday November 17th-Sunday November 18th, 2007

Contemporary anxieties about terrorism in the mainstream media and politics have clearly articulated the war against terrorism and the struggle for global security to the control of immigration, as well as the criminalisation of Islam. As A. Sivanandan has argued in a recent article, ‘the war on asylum and the war on terror […] have converged to produce a racism which cannot tell a settler from an immigrant, an immigrant from an asylum speaker, an asylum speaker from a Muslim, a Muslim from a terrorist’. In response to the conflation of discourses of counter-terrorism, global security and the control of migration, this conference invites papers from any area of the humanities and the social sciences that are related to the following topics:

* Terrorism and Migration in Literature, Film, Visual Art and Music
* Histories of migration, immigration law and political sovereignty
* Migration, Terrorism and the State of Emergency
* Ethnographies of migration and terrorism
* Terrorism, Migration and the Public Sphere
* Asylum, Imperialism and War

Confirmed Speakers include: Margaret Scanlan, Elleke Boehmer, Ranjana Khanna, David Glover and Matthew Gibney.

Please submit a 200-300 word abstract via email or post to the address below by September 1st, 2007:

Sandy White
English, School of Humanities
University of Southampton
S017 1BJ
E-mail: sw17@soton.ac.uk

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