Inter-sections June Theme: World Refugee Day – Refugee Week 2007

Deadline for your essays, ideas, visuals and comments: 6 July 2007

Email your submissions to

Thanks to everyone who submitted essays, projects and even a video (!) for our Food and Migrating Cultures theme. We got a small wave of things right at the deadline, so please take a look if you haven’t seen them yet. In recognition of World Refugee Day , and the numerous activities taking place in the UK, and elsewhere in honor of it, we decided to join the effort. This month, from now until 6 July 2007, we are soliciting your contributions, including your reflections, works in progress, original photography, video and audio having to do with Refugees.

Refugee Week Promotional Video

We particularly welcome any reactions to some of the events listed above (please follow the web links), as part of our effort to provide a forum for public commentary on migration. Don’t forget that we also invite your comments on previous posts on the blog. A lot of our authors are eager to know what kind of reactions their work provokes.

Looking forward to hearing from you,
The Editorial Team at


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