CFP: Transformative politics for migrant workers?

International Conference of Critical Geography.
Mumbai, 3-7 December, 2007
Part of the Labour Migration theme

  • What are the dynamics between migrant workers and local workers experiencing similar working conditions?
  • What does a gender lens and analysis bring to our understanding of all the above issues?

We would welcome any thoughts on these and other relevant themes. Papers (e.g., research results), performances (e.g., poetry), or artwork (e.g., photography) are all welcome. Please submit a maximum one-page abstract or description of what you wish to present or issues you wish to raise. Make sure to include your name, affiliation and/or complete address, including e-mail, if applicable, the title of your presentation, and any special needs (e.g., translation service, specific technological media, wall space, chalkboard).
Please send this one-page description by July 31st to Dr Louise Waite ( and Dr Stuart Hodkinson (
For more details on 5th International Conference of Critical Geography see:


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