Regularisation of migrant workers – Westminster debate

Vigil at the House of Commons
Wednesday 20th June
St Stephens Gate
House of Commons
London SW1
7:45am- 9:00am

There will be a private members debate in Westminster Hall at the House of Commons, on, ‘Regularisation of Migrant Workers’ on Wednesday 20th June at 9:30am. This debate is part of the ‘Strangers into Citizens’ campaign.  Jon Cruddas MP will be leading the debate in support of ‘Strangers into Citizens’.
There will be a vigil outside the House of Commons from 7:45am- 9:00am, to draw attention to the debate and show public support for regularisation. Please come before work if you can, and encourage friends and family to do the same. Meet in Parliament Square at 7:45am.
80 MP’s have joined the call for ‘Regularization, why hasn’t yours?
Regularization/Amnesty for all those in the UK without status!

A delegation of constituents will be going to the House of Commons at 4:00pm on Tuesday 19th June in order to call their MP to the lobby and ask them to attend the debate (and support the campaign!). We hope to have delegates from as many different constituencies as possible. If you are free at this time, please contact me with the name of your MP (or your postcode if you do not know the name of your MP).

Joanna Purkis
Communications Officer
‘Strangers into Citizens’ Campaign
Citizen Organising Foundation
112 Cavell St.
London E1 2JA
020 7375 1658
078 15 77 9378


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