International Forced Migration Research Mapping Survey

International Forced Migration Research Mapping Survey

The Refugee Studies Centre (RSC) of the University of Oxford seeks your participation in a  groundbreaking project to foster and enhance global collaboration between academic institutions,  policy makers and advocates working on issues of forced migration, with the goal of significantly improving the quality of protection available to forcibly displaced and stateless persons.

Supported by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the UK Department  for International Development, the initiative seeks to achieve this goal by complementing, extending  and supporting individuals,
institutions and networks at the national and regional level through the development of a global forced migration network, which will provide a member-driven forum for the  development of creative approaches to capacity
building, collaboration, and resource sharing.

This project seeks to support individuals and institutions based in countries that are directly addressing  problems relating to forced displacement and statelessness by assisting them in the development of  their capacities in research, training, policy development, advocacy, and operational implementation by  fostering collaboration with other individuals and
institutions on activities such as:

Field-based research projects; Evidence-based policy making and advocacy; Developing academic programmes relating to forced migration; International exchange programmes; International conferences and workshops. As the first step, the RSC seeks to develop a comprehensive database of institutions and individuals  working on forced migration and statelessness, with a focus on those directly engaged in the following  areas:

Academic research, Teaching and training (especially that aimed at humanitarian workers and government institutions), Lobbying and advocacy, Policy and practice development. To facilitate this process, the RSC invites all relevant institutions and individuals to participate in a  global survey. This survey seeks to achieve two key objectives:

To gather detailed information on the actors engaged in the areas of forced migration and  statelessness, with a view to building an online database that may be used by all parties interested in  building better links with others. To identify actors interested in participating in the member-driven network. The survey will proceed in two stages:

A questionnaire to gather key data on your institution/organization, its activities and the individuals  associated with the institution. A telephone interview with a key staff member to gather qualitative data after receiving the  questionnaire. We would be grateful if a member of your staff could complete the survey questionnaire and return it to  the RSC at by Friday 31 st August 2007. It will take approximately 30-40  minutes to complete.

Dr. Camillo Boano, who is coordinating the survey, and Simon Addison of the RSC are also available to  answer any questions you may have, and can be reached at the same e-mail address.

To complete the survey online (preferred option) or to download a MS Word version of the Survey (only recommended for those with slow or intermittent internet access), go to and scroll to the bottom of the page.

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