CFP: Ireland and the Caribbean

Call for Contributions, “Irish Migration Studies in Latin America”

Volume 5, Number 3 (November 2007)

Ireland and the Caribbean

Invited Editor: Jorge Chinea, Wayne State University, USA


The editors of “Irish Migration Studies in Latin America” invite

contributions for the forthcoming issue of the journal (Vol. 5, No. 3,

November 2007). Articles on any aspect of connections between Ireland

and the Caribbean region during both the colonial and post-colonial

periods will be considered for publication. This special edition will

focus on the Irish experience in the Dutch-, English-, French- and

Spanish-speaking Caribbean, together with the relationship between

Ireland and the Antilles, and the life and work of people from the

Caribbean in contemporary Ireland. Contributions will be drawn from the

fields of the humanities, literature, history, geography, international

relations, social and political sciences and the arts, and comparative

studies in other disciplines. We also welcome book, film and website

reviews, biographies and edited source material. Articles in English

must be emailed to the editors no later than 1 October 2007 (articles in

French, German, Portuguese or Spanish no later than 1 September 2007).


Edmundo Murray, Claire Healy

“Irish Migration Studies in Latin America”

Society for Irish Latin American Studies Maison Rouge (1268) Burtigny,

Switzerland, +41 22 739 50 49


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