Europe and its Established & Emerging Immigrant Communities:

10 and 11 November 2007, De Montfort University, Leicester

This conference will focus on Europe and will draw on perspectives beyond Europe in an attempt to discuss, analyse and critique European policy response to post World War 11 established and emerging immigrant communities as well as share good practice in the areas of health, security, social cohesion and education amongst other things.

Speakers include:

-Doudou Diene United Nations Special Rapporteur in Contemporary Forms of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia, TBC

-Karen Chouhan 1990 Trust/JRCT “Visionary”

-Prof Gus John Institute of Education

-Tariq Ramadan TBC

-Halifa Sallah People’s Centre for Social Science Research Civic Awareness and Community Initiative, Gambia

-Anastasia Crickley European Monitoring Centre on racism and Xenophobia

-Doug Nicholls Community and Youth Workers Union CYWU

-Ted Cantle Improvement and Development Agency for local government (IDeA)

-Prof Chris Gaine University of Chichester

Arun Kundnani Institute of Race Relations

-Mark RD Johnson Mary Seacole Centre, De Montfort University

The conference will address the following topics:   

Asylum seekers and refugees 

Health and social welfare 




Criminal justice 

Youth and community development 




Community cohesion/race relations  



For more information and registration visit

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