CFP: Media and Migration

Call for papers

Media and Migration Workshop
at the 14 Nordic Migration Researchers Conference in Bergen Norway, hosted
by IMER/UiB, the International Migration and Ethnic Relations Research Unit
at the University of Bergen 14-16. Nov 2007.

Submission of abstract: 15 September
Submission of paper: 15 October
Registration : 25 October

Mediated communication plays an influential role in demographically and
culturally changing societies. It is crucial in all types and phases of
international migration. Mass mediated images of different locations and
transnational communication among migrants, would be migrants and diasporic
groups contribute to the mobility of people. Mass mediated framings of
immigrants and minorities influence on the attitudes of host societies and
on integration and immigration policies. In addition, in mediated societies
media forms a crucial part of everyone’s integration, identity and belonging.

This working group welcomes papers scrutinizing the crossroads of migration
and media. The group invites proposals which engage with the following themes:
-Migration, immigration, asylum seeking, refugees, diaspora, integration
  and multiculturalism in the mainstream media – global, transnational,
national, regional or local.
-Same issues in alternative, new and minority media
-Media’s influence on policy making, values and attitudes
-Production of migration related topics/media for mainstream or minority
  audiences: journalism, entertainment, film and new media
-Audience and reception studies: Interpretation of mediated texts, media
  use and role of the media among diasporic groups and migrants
-Issues of racism, discrimination and social cohesion
-Theoretical examination of multiculturalism, cosmopolitanism,
  transnationalism, racism, anti-racism, discrimination and marginalization in
  the context of media and communication.

Karina Horsti
Doctor of Social Sciences
Post Doctoral Researcher
CEREN – Centre for Research on Ethnic Relations and Nationalism
Pohj. Hesperiankatu 15 A (PB 16)
00014 University of Helsinki


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