Translocations: The Irish Migration

Translocations: The Irish Migration, Race and Social Transformation Review

Volume 3/ Issue 1/ 2008

Since the mid-1990s, Ireland has experienced, probably for the first time in its modern history, economic prosperity, labour shortages and net inward migration. These developments have brought together debate and research covering a number of related areas. While not entirely new, these areas include the changing nature of ‘Irish’ identity and the explicit dialectical radicalization of ‘Irishness’ and ‘otherness’. The result has been an explosion of public and academic debates on the question of social changes due to large-scale immigration and integration policies. Translocations is a peer-review journal which aims to map out these themes and construct a dynamic network of those academics and policy makers who are interested in contributing to these intersecting debates within the specificity of the Irish context.

Translocations publishes original research, case studies and policy analysis from a broad range of disciplines and would like to take this opportunity to welcome submissions for its third issue. While we welcome articles on a continuing basis which address the complex interactions of ‘race’ and migration in contemporary Ireland and the various processes of social transformation which this is leading to, for the forthcoming issue we especially welcome papers which address the following topics . It is our endeavor that these issues be approached from a broad interdisciplinary perspective encompassing the social sciences, humanities and law studies.

– The concept of the ‘New Irish’ e.g. how have concepts and definitions of
‘Irishness’ been challenged, (re)defined and undermined?
– Different schools of  thought about Education and Integration
– Trafficking (gender and non-gender based) and Human Rights in Ireland
– Debates regarding the issue of economic displacement in the labour market in view of a potential economic downturn
– Migration and Development
– Immigration and Law

A major aim of Translocations is to locate migration scholarship and the migration debate within a multitude of disciplines inside and outside of academia. We therefore similarly welcome contributions from policy-makers, NGOs, community groups and civil society that offer their perspective on the aforementioned topics and debates.

We would also like to hear from those of you who have opinions as to which book reviews they would like to see included in future issues of Translocations.

If you are interested in submitting an article for the forthcoming issue or, if you would like to explore the option of writing a piece for a future issue of Translocations, please write in the first instance to Aoileann Ní Mhurchú, Assistant Editor ( For a detailed outline of instructions for authors please visit
Anyone who wishes to subscribe to our email list should send an email to Put email list in the subject heading and in the body of the message please type your email address(s).

A project like Translocations depends on the active participation of people who would like to contribute to the debate about immigration, integration, diversity, ethnicity and racism in contemporary Ireland. We look forward to your contributions, comments and critique.

Deadline for Submission of Articles: End December 2007
Expected Publication Date of accepted Articles: End April 2008

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