Kosovoroma – New Website

A team of volunteers runs a new website http://kosovoroma.wordpress.com/ which is aimed to inform about the situation of Roma in Kosovo and Kosovo Roma in Diaspora.

Before the war, Kosovo was the home to 120,000 to 150,000 Roma. Kosovo Roma became the biggest “collateral damage” of the nationalist conflict between Kosovo Serbs and Albanians. Today, the community is disseminated and decimated between the few thousands who have remained in Kosovo and the majority which lives in diaspora, mostly in the region, but also in Western Europe and other countries.

By creating this website, the team wants to inform about a community which has largely fallen into oblivion and which is left behind when issues such as the Kosovo status are discussed. The website, which is updated daily, contains many information on the situation in Kosovo itself and on asylum issues. It also acts as a platform re-establishing contacts between community members and seeking a ground for common action.


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