Mapping Minority Groups in Britain

In order to illustrate the current diversity of different parts of Britain, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has commissioned a new interactive map. When you click through you will find 30 cities or areas of Britain, which appear as red circles – if you double click on a circle this takes you to a detailed neighbourhood map showing the most numerous minority groups by postcode, in that area. The white British population is excluded as otherwise it would dominate the maps, obscuring the minority group data. Click here for more about how information was gathered and to access the map.

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One response to “Mapping Minority Groups in Britain

  1. O. Barnes

    This is an interesting project, but, quite frankly, it beggars belief that this purports to show the location of the largest minority groups in the largest number of postcodes and yet somehow excludes the Irish. The Irish represent 1.2% of the population in the 2001 census, and have a greater number than Bangladeshi (0.5%), Black Caribbean (1%) or Black African (0.8%), so how could you leave them out?

    As a group it has suffered severely from prejudice and it has only been by attempting to remove from academic studies of ethnic minorities the black / white divide that the position of the Irish in Britain as an ethnic minority has begun to be addressed.

    Constructing a map which claims to show the location of groups on minorities and yet ignores one of the largest minorities in Britain, surely, considerably devalues its usefulness.

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