Mission statement and Conditions of use

8 March 2007

Who we are

Inter-sections.org’ is a group of researchers from different universities and academic disciplines working on issues of migration, exile, cultural encounters and questions of identities. We are affiliated to the Diasporas, Migration & Identities   research programme. This programme is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and runs from 2005 to 2010. Professor Kim Knott, director of the AHRC Diaspora, Migration & Identities programme, is an honorary member of the editorial board.


Our mission

We believe in the necessity of an open and inclusive debate to improve our understanding of societies and their cultural products within historical and contemporary processes of continuity and change. We want to stimulate constructive dialogue about topics such as migration, diasporas, ethnicity, cultural diversity in a lively, but unthreatening environment that is open to everyone with a professional and/or personal interest in these issues.


Our policy

We discourage obscenity and mindless abuse.

We will not tolerate any form of discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, creed, age, sexuality or nationality.

We will remove any content that may put us in legal jeopardy, such as potentially libellous or defamatory postings, or which is posted in potential breach of copyright.

We reserve the right to remove any content other users might find offensive or threatening.


The editorial board

The editorial board of Inter-sections.org consists of at least four members plus the director of the ‘Diaspora, Migration & Identities’ programme. A minimum of two members of the editorial board must be students or researchers with a formal connection to an institution of Higher Education.

Everyone with a personal and/or professional interest in the topic can become a member of the editorial board. Members will be elected by personal appointment. Board members have to subscribe to the mission statement and the policy of Inter-sections.org, the terms and conditions of use as well as the ethical standards set up by the AHRC.

The members of the editorial board are expected to commit for a period of at least 6 months. No member except the ‘Diaspora, Migration & Identities’ programme director can be on the board for more than three years.

The editorial board constitutes itself. It strives to meet once a month, but will meet more often if considered necessary. The board decides by a simple majority of votes. In cases where it cannot reach a decision, the AHRC programme director will ultimately decide.


Terms and conditions of use


Everyone who wants to publish or view information on Inter-sections.org needs to register by entering an email address and password. These details will not be shared with any third parties.

Subscribers who do not comply with the mission statement, the terms and conditions of use or who try to do anything with the purpose to abuse the functionality of this site or other users will be denied access to the site.


Use of material on the website

You may download and print extracts from the material submitted and make copies for your own and non-commercial use only.


Call for contributions

Usually, the editorial board will call for contributions once a month. If the call looks for contributions within a certain topic area, the editorial board can defer submissions on other topics to a more convenient date.

All articles, multi-media features and comments are reviewed by the editorial board before publication on Inter-sections.org. The board reserves the right not to publish an article or feature if it contradicts its mission statement, its policy or its terms and conditions of use.


Blog update

Typically, the material submitted in response to the calls for contributions will be published within two weeks of submission. Comments and short notices, open to submission any time, will be published within one week.


Disclaimer of liability

To the extent permitted by law, we do not accept any responsibility for any statement made in the material submitted to us. Comments, or opinions expressed on the Inter-sections.org blog are those of their respective authors and do not represent the views of the editorial board.


Submitting graphical material, film and photographs for publication

If you are publishing film, text, photographic, audio, multimedia material, you need to have informed consent from individuals depicted in the photographs or films, recorded in your audio.

Any material submitted to Inter-sections.org will be reviewed by the editorial board and checked against its mission statement, its policy and the terms and conditions of use. The editorial board reserves the right to cut material or to leave out pictures if they are likely to cause offence.



You warrant that the material you submit to us is your own original work and that you own the copyright and any other relevant rights.

You grant Inter-sections.org a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free worldwide licence to republish any material you submit to us in any format, including, without limitation, print and electronic format.

We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. If considered necessary to do so, we will let you know.