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Multicultural Centre Prague

Multicultural Center Prague Migration Online is a specialized website of the Multicultural Centre Prague focusing on migration issues in Central and Eastern Europe. It maps migration reality, research and policy, offers a range of articles, interviews and reports and promotes debate among experts, public administrators, NGOs and the wider public. The section Refugees in CEE explores forced migration in Central and Eastern Europe, it points out similarities and differences in the experience of various actors involved in forced migration and it views the problem of refugees in Central Europe from different perspectives. Possible contributions may address but are not limited to: – newly created/dissolved borders and their influence on refugees’ access to protection and their migration strategies; – refugees involvement in transnational networks; – differentiation of statuses of international protection and its impact on social status of refugees; – continuing impact of the Dublin II Regulation on refugees’ access to protection; – application of asylum policies in everyday practice (at the EU borders, in contact with authorities, in refugee camps); – increasing use of detentions in CEE and its consequences. We are looking for contributions in the form of studies (maximum 4,000 words), fresh excerpts from the field, reports, essays, interviews (with migrants or experts) and information about interesting projects of NGOs or other organisations to the themes “Refugees in CEE”. Language: English or Czech Deadline for abstracts: 31st March, 2009 Please send the abstracts/suggestions/questions to the section coordinator: Radka Klvaňová (Masaryk University), e-mail: radka.klvanova(at)


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Second Generation Research Dialogues in Berlin

Call for Papers for two day workshop in Berlin:

*Second Generation Research Dialogues: Comparative Perspectives on Children of Immigrants

*Berlin, 16|17 January 2009

Within integration debates across Europe, focus has shifted from the first to the so called second generation of immigrants in recent years. Their performance in educational systems and on the job markets is tied to success or failure of integration policies and scrutinized with concern, as is their cultural, social and religious orientation. In many places a very contested group, the second generation symbolizes permanency of migration and growing diversity while raising questions about the concept and mechanisms of “integration” today.

In this workshop, current work on second generation immigrants will be discussed along two main themes:

  • the second generation and the city
  • the second generation in school

Central questions and concerns include

  • the impact of cities on processes of second generation identity construction, self representation and negotiation between cultural spheres
  • its role as arena for political participation, claim making and social positioning
  • its role as living and working environment and space of opportunity or restraint
  • as social space and place of belonging
  • the educational participation of second generation immigrants in comparative perspective
  • inequalities within educational systems
  • linkages between educational settings, policies and attainment
  • the role of teachers, friends, families and other factors impacting educational careers 

The workshop offers internationally comparative perspectives on second generation research in Europe and the US, featuring keynote presentations by:

*Philip Kasinitz*, chair of Dept. of Sociology at CUNY, NYC, USA on the New Second Generation in metropolitan New York; *Jens Schneider*, Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies (IMES), Amsterdam introducing the EU- research project TIES on the European second generation covering fifteen cities in eight European countries

Workshop format:

The workshop aims at facilitating intense dialogue and exchange among doctoral students and junior researchers involved in work on second generation immigrants. This will be reflected in the amount of time in the program allocated for discussion in a constructive, supportive setting.

We invite papers presenting theoretical and/or empirical contributions from a variety of methodological perspectives and different disciplines on second generation immigrants, regarding one of the central themes:

  • the second generation and the city
  • the second generation in school

Papers should not exceed length of 7,000 words and include an abstract (no more than 700 words). It is expected that collected papers will be published in some form after the workshop.


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Translocations: The Irish Migration

Translocations: The Irish Migration, Race and Social Transformation Review

Volume 3/ Issue 1/ 2008

Since the mid-1990s, Ireland has experienced, probably for the first time in its modern history, economic prosperity, labour shortages and net inward migration. These developments have brought together debate and research covering a number of related areas. While not entirely new, these areas include the changing nature of ‘Irish’ identity and the explicit dialectical radicalization of ‘Irishness’ and ‘otherness’. The result has been an explosion of public and academic debates on the question of social changes due to large-scale immigration and integration policies. Translocations is a peer-review journal which aims to map out these themes and construct a dynamic network of those academics and policy makers who are interested in contributing to these intersecting debates within the specificity of the Irish context. Continue reading

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East-West Migration in the EU

16 OCTOBER 2007

NEW EUMAP CALL FOR PAPERS: “Across Fading Borders: The Challenges of East-West Migration in the EU”

EUMAP calls for articles about the impact and background of intra-EU mobility and migration, both in the countries of destination and the countries of origin.
Read the full Call for Papers at

EUMAP would especially welcome contributions on one of the following themes:

• Policy responses to East-European migration in the countries of destination.
• East-European migration and the multicultural society.
• Immigration from the new Member States in comparison.
• The impact of emigration on the countries of origin.
• The Central European Member States as immigration countries. Continue reading

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Call for Contributions: Exiled Ink Magazine

The editorial committee of Exiled Ink magazine, a magazine featuring the work of exiled writers, invite contributions for the next issue.

Deadline: end of September 2007

Please send contributions to:

For more information see:

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CFP: Conference on Museums and Refugees

Museum in Docklands, London, 13-14 March 2008

Deadline for call of papers:  17 October 2007

How do museums and more broadly the heritage sector engage with refugees and asylum seekers and the increased global focus on forced migration?  The collective and individual voices of the people are rarely heard and often misrepresented in the media.  Museums, academic research centres, non-government organisations and government departments/agencies now see the need to explore the cultural contributions to and impact of refugee and asylum seeker groups on urban and regional centres.

The conference aims to explore how museums and other heritage agencies are responding to complex ethical, legal, social and political issues.  How can museums inform debate and, given recent trends in immigration and asylum polices, highlight international and national obligations to protect people from persecution? 

These issues impact on the work practices of museums in terms of curatorial decisions, collecting strategies, partnerships, approaches to programming, as well as shared decision making in collaborative exhibitions and public events.  Are museums agents and forums of cultural change or do they reflect social change?  Is there a new role for museums in terms of cultural facilitation and mediation?  Should museums be more proactive as places for cross-cultural exchange and developing understanding between ‘new’ communities and peoples of diverse backgrounds?  Are there appropriate ethical codes of practice in place to facilitate these new agendas?

Continue reading

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CFP: Media and Migration

Call for papers

Media and Migration Workshop
at the 14 Nordic Migration Researchers Conference in Bergen Norway, hosted
by IMER/UiB, the International Migration and Ethnic Relations Research Unit
at the University of Bergen 14-16. Nov 2007.

Submission of abstract: 15 September
Submission of paper: 15 October
Registration : 25 October

Mediated communication plays an influential role in demographically and
culturally changing societies. It is crucial in all types and phases of
international migration. Mass mediated images of different locations and
transnational communication among migrants, would be migrants and diasporic
groups contribute to the mobility of people. Mass mediated framings of
immigrants and minorities influence on the attitudes of host societies and
on integration and immigration policies. In addition, in mediated societies
media forms a crucial part of everyone’s integration, identity and belonging. Continue reading

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