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Iraqis in Egypt: Time is Running Out

The film ‘Iraqis in Egypt: Time is Running Out’ is now available to view on the Forced Migration Online website.

This documentary film looks at the lives of six Iraqi families who have been forced to flee their homes and are now living as refugees in the massive urban sprawl of Cairo. As the years pass by, their situations are becoming increasingly desperate, with little or no rights in their country of first asylum.

Iraqis in Egypt: Time is Running Out:

More videos can be viewed at:

To learn more & to find out how you can help, visit:


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Online video contest: Intercultural dialogue

Are you between 15 and 30  ? Do you feel like you have things to say
about Intercultural Dialogue in Europe? Do you like expressing
yourself with video?

The European project is inviting young video/filmmakers
to submit their short clip now. We are looking for the most original,
creative and/or nuanced portrayal of cultural diversity in your
country, city, town, school, street or family…

What intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity mean we want to
leave up to you! You will be the ones showing diversity from different

Your clip can be a short film, video-art, documentary, musical clip,
news item… Up to 15 nominees will be contacted and invited to
Barcelona for the international Award Event on November 21st and 22nd,
2008 and the winners will receive a prize award.

For more information look at:

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Home and Away: Romanian Film Festival

Home & Away, the 5th edition of the Romanian Film Festival in London is a national festival with a twist, which lines up films from Romania and films which are not  ‘technically Romanian’, being signed by Romanian film-makers based elsewhere in the world. Dislocation, longing and belonging provide the connecting tissue of the programme, which invites a reflection about homelands and border-crossings – geographical, identitary or aesthetic.

More info on the festival concept and full programme available at

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Amnesty International film

Nick Broomfield’s short film  ‘Still human still here’  is made for Amnesty International to highlight the issue of destitute refused asylum seekers in the UK.
View the film at:

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New Book/DVD-ROM Project: Transcultural Documentary Practice

Projecting Migration – Transcultural Documentary Practice
Edited by Alan Grossman and Áine O’Brien

Migration is one of the major political issues of the current era and increasingly determines who we are and how we define ourselves. Projecting Migration: Transcultural Documentary Practice is a groundbreaking book/DVD-ROM project that explores migration in locations as varied as Lebanon, Ireland, South Africa and the US/Mexico border. Through its diverse collection of essays, films, photography and audio recordings, the project offers a dynamic, fresh approach. Each essay is cross-referenced with DVD chapters of original footage to provide unique practical examples of ethnographic filmmaking, as well as perspectives on the subject not usually portrayed in the media. Continue reading

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Video: Foodmaps

As a last send-off to Food and Migration month, here’s a video from Lidia Marte, a doctoral student at the University of Texas at Austin:

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Kyrgyzstan – Documentary film project

We are researching an idea for a documentary to be shot in August 
in Kyrgyzstan.Somehow we would like to link traditional practices 
in Kyrgyzstan such as shamanism, or music, herding, anything to do 
with traditional culture, with the issue of migration. 
So perhaps we would be able to find someone here in the UK who 
has a family member who is a shaman, or a musician, or a herder. 
Or perhaps a shaman who lives in a Kyrgyzstan city who travels in 
August for the big shaman 'meet' in the mountains, a sort of modern 
day shaman. 
Any ideas that represent a change in traditional culture would be 
Please contact Alex at 

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