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Translocations: The Irish Migration

Translocations: The Irish Migration, Race and Social Transformation Review

Volume 3/ Issue 1/ 2008

Since the mid-1990s, Ireland has experienced, probably for the first time in its modern history, economic prosperity, labour shortages and net inward migration. These developments have brought together debate and research covering a number of related areas. While not entirely new, these areas include the changing nature of ‘Irish’ identity and the explicit dialectical radicalization of ‘Irishness’ and ‘otherness’. The result has been an explosion of public and academic debates on the question of social changes due to large-scale immigration and integration policies. Translocations is a peer-review journal which aims to map out these themes and construct a dynamic network of those academics and policy makers who are interested in contributing to these intersecting debates within the specificity of the Irish context. Continue reading


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East-West Migration in the EU

16 OCTOBER 2007

NEW EUMAP CALL FOR PAPERS: “Across Fading Borders: The Challenges of East-West Migration in the EU”

EUMAP calls for articles about the impact and background of intra-EU mobility and migration, both in the countries of destination and the countries of origin.
Read the full Call for Papers at

EUMAP would especially welcome contributions on one of the following themes:

• Policy responses to East-European migration in the countries of destination.
• East-European migration and the multicultural society.
• Immigration from the new Member States in comparison.
• The impact of emigration on the countries of origin.
• The Central European Member States as immigration countries. Continue reading

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Call for Contributions: Exiled Ink Magazine

The editorial committee of Exiled Ink magazine, a magazine featuring the work of exiled writers, invite contributions for the next issue.

Deadline: end of September 2007

Please send contributions to:

For more information see:

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New Journal: migrations & identities

Call for papers

migrations & identities is a new journal published bi-annually by  
Liverpool University Press. The title represents a programme: We aim  
to interrogate notions of ‘identity’ while asking how the fact of  
mobility and displacement shapes understandings of self and the wider  
world, among both migrants and ‘host’ societies.  By the same token,  
we seek to understand how ideas and concepts are transformed as they  
‘migrate’ from one place and culture to another.

Multi- and interdisciplinary in both conception and management,  
migrations & identities aims to cover the widest possible range of  
places, periods and methods, subject only to a shared curiosity and  
enthusiasm about the possibilities of working at the interface  
between the investigation of the material conditions of migration  
processes and the study of ideas and subjectivities. Continue reading

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CFP: Ireland and the Caribbean

Call for Contributions, “Irish Migration Studies in Latin America”

Volume 5, Number 3 (November 2007)

Ireland and the Caribbean

Invited Editor: Jorge Chinea, Wayne State University, USA


The editors of “Irish Migration Studies in Latin America” invite

contributions for the forthcoming issue of the journal (Vol. 5, No. 3,

November 2007). Articles on any aspect of connections between Ireland

and the Caribbean region during both the colonial and post-colonial

periods will be considered for publication. This special edition will

focus on the Irish experience in the Dutch-, English-, French- and

Spanish-speaking Caribbean, together with the relationship between

Ireland and the Antilles, and the life and work of people from the

Caribbean in contemporary Ireland. Contributions will be drawn from the

fields of the humanities, literature, history, geography, international

relations, social and political sciences and the arts, and comparative

studies in other disciplines. We also welcome book, film and website

reviews, biographies and edited source material. Articles in English

must be emailed to the editors no later than 1 October 2007 (articles in

French, German, Portuguese or Spanish no later than 1 September 2007).


Edmundo Murray, Claire Healy

“Irish Migration Studies in Latin America”

Society for Irish Latin American Studies Maison Rouge (1268) Burtigny,

Switzerland, +41 22 739 50 49


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Call for Contributions to Exiled Ink Magazine

The next feature of Exiled Ink Magazine will focus on:

Exiled writers’ relationships to their new British space and the British relationship to them. How do you express this in poetry, prose and drama?

We are particularly interested in work by exiled writers living outside London.

Please send to:

Please send all other articles, poetry, prose, drama and images to:

Deadline: End of September

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New Issue of Exiled Ink! on Women’s Poetry

Summer 2007 Issue of Exiled Ink! now available


The Landscape of Exiled Women with poetry, prose and essays on a range of subject areas including Ayan Hirsi, Nwal Al Sadaawi, Crossing the Border, Exiled D. R.Congolese women writers, the male perspective, poetry etc by Mehrangiz Rassapour, Keena-Diid Caynaane, Abdullahi Botan, Jennifer Langer, Rouhi Shafii, Reza Baraheni, Isabelle Romaine, Pireeni Sundaralingam, Sulaiman Addonia and Fathieh Saudi

The Poetic Exilic Space with poetry by Shanta Acharya, Yuyutsu RD Sharma, Mark Hill, Mir Mahfuz Ali, Nkwachukwu Ogbuagu and Fathieh Saudi


Russian and Chechen Spaces with essays on Ilya Kormiltsev, German Sadulaev and Andrey Platonov by: Miriam Frank, Anna Gunin and Robert Chandler Continue reading

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