Who we are

Name brainstorm
(some musings on the way to our title…)

Dr Eleni Liarou is sessional lecturer at Birkbeck College, University of London. Her main research interests include: history of immigration into Britain,  British film and television, cultural representations of race and ethnicity, post-colonial theory, public history.

Kathrin Pieren is working on a PhD in History/Museum Studies at the Institute of Historical Research (School of Advanced Study, University of London). She is interested in 19th and 20th century migration to Britain (particularly Jewish migration); Anglo-Jewish history; questions of identity and diaspora; meaning making in museums and art galleries; qualitative visitor research; public history in general.

Sanaz Raji is researching the Iranian Diaspora post 1979 and the effects of transnational media within this diaspora and will continue her doctoral work at the University of Leeds.  At the moment, she is working with Moroccan Memories in Britain, a project that explores 3 generations of the British-Moroccan community.  Hailing from Pittsburgh, she has lived in London for two years and her direction skills are at MENSA level, having helped countless of lost tourist and drunk Londoners get home. She also thinks Hampstead Heath is magical and Hyde Park, overrated.

Lauren Wagner studies migration because she has always been a migrant. Her mother regrets the day she bought her first suitcase at a neighbor’s yard sale. She is currently working on her PhD in Geography at University College London, after having completed degrees in film production, anthropology and linguistics elsewhere. Her research has something to do with Morocco, tourism, diasporic communities, and language. She hopes someday to find a career appropriate to all her degrees.

We can be reached at intersectionsblog@gmail.com

We are affiliated to the AHRC Diasporas, Migration & Identities programme. For more information about the programme see: http://www.diasporas.ac.uk/index.htm